Grout and Caulk Services

Grout and caulk provide waterproofing and a finished look to your tile. Grout is used between the tiles and caulk is generally used in corners and between tile and tubs, shower pans, counter tops, wood trim, and around sinks where structural movement is most common. Caulk provides a greater degree of flexibility than grout.

Grout and caulk require maintenance and occasional replacement to ensure that water and moisture is prevented from finding its way behind your tile where it can cause tiles to become loose. In addition, water and moisture intrusion can cause damage to wallboard or underlayment. If you see gaps from missing or cracked grout and caulk it is important to address that promptly to protect your home.

Re-grouting and re-caulking will keep your tile looking great while maintaining the necessary waterproofing.

We can repair or replace existing grout and caulk to maintain the integrity of your tile while protecting your home from damage.

Grout and Tile Solutions can clean dirty grout to restore it. We can also seal the grout to help maintain its color.

We can even recolor grout to give your tile a whole new look!

Caulk needs to be maintained more frequently than grout. When mold attacks caulk it becomes impossible to clean. We can help by replacing the existing caulk for a clean and fresh appearance.

Don't be embarrassed by unsightly grout and caulk. We can bring your tile back to life!
When problems with grout and caulk arise, Grout and Tile Solutions is the one to call!