Tile Services

We offer a full range of tile services from replacing a broken tile to repairing tile that have become loose. We can fix damaged tile walls in tubs and showers.

    Tile Repair:

  • We can remove and replace broken tile and repair the surrounding grout to have your tile looking like new again.
  • Any tile that have become loose can be secured in place again and the surrounding grout repaired to match the existing grout.

Grout and Tile Solutions can remove and replace individual tiles and make grout repairs to restore your tile back to its previous beauty.

    Damaged Tile Walls:

  • Water and moisture intrusion around tubs and showers from failing grout and caulk can cause damage to wallboard.

Often tile becomes unattached from the wallboard and is only held in place by grout. Tapping on the tile may reveal some movement or an audible hollow sound. The longer water is permitted entry behind tile the more damage to the area that occurs.

Grout and Tile Solutions can make repairs to the damaged area to replace damaged wallboard and restore the tile and grout to seal out water to prevent further damage from water intrusion.